Diamond Laboratories, Inc.

Who We Are?

Diamond Laboratories Incorporated is one of the Philippines’ leading companies in the field of pharmaceutics. It has continued to evolve through the manufacturing, importation, promotion and distribution of the products with the vision of creating better lives through quality health products.

Where It All Began

Dimond Laboratories Incorporated’s (DLI) story began in 1984 when its Founder and Chairman Roberto V. Cabrera Jr. founded a home-based company at the basement of his family home in Quezon City. After years of hard work and perseverance, the company slowly grew until it moved to its laboratories compound in the heart of Quezon City.

Today, Diamond Laboratories Incorporated is one of the few successfully recognized family-0wned manufacturers in the pharmaceutical and marketing field in the country. For the past years, DLI has been acknowledged by various government and non-government agencies, effective, and quality products including drugs, food and cosmetics. Through the years, the company has earned various certifications including Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) since 2002 which it has sustained for 18 years and was later on awarded the GMP Compliant Food Manufacturer in 2017. The company was likewise recognized twice by the Department of Health (DOH) and Philippine Chamber of Pharmaceutical Industry Inc. (PCPI) for achieving and meeting the high standards of GMP.

DLI continues today its commitment to excellence and the public by providing cheaper, safe, effective, and quality health products.

Our Growth:

The Way to Go

Achieving success was not easy for DLI. It has invested in various activities and programs that ensured that the consumer will only be afforded the highest quality possible in every purchase while keeping the same affordable.

Substantial amounts have been continuously invested for equipment, training, and hiring of competent individuals who form part of the DLI family. Extensive research and training are programs on which the company continues to focus on, as well as being dynamic enough to cope with the changes of technology, strategies, production, and marketing. Facilities and systems are upgraded to be at par with innovations and new developments in medicine and science.

Our Expansion

DLI has come a long way as we have expanded our product line together with our market linkage. As of today, we have connections all throughout the Asia-Pacific Region where we serve as the marketing arm for various Asian firms that manufacture herbal-based products.

What We Keep in Mind

In pursuit of our mission for steady growth and expansion, we put these five (5) things as our priority to ensure the continuous development of our products:

  • Innovativeness
  • Product Efficacy
  • Quality
  • Affordability
  • Optimum use of indigenous raw materials

The Future

Diamond Laboratories Incorporated is now finalizing its expansion plans and build larger and updated facilities to continue to serve the population of the entire Philippines, as well as start introducing domestically made products internationally. With the growth of its operations, the company is confident that it can further develop its pharmaceutical lines, as well as increase its productivity and distribution in the coming years.

We Believe

In “Creating better lives through quality health products.”
As a company committed to creating premium products and with the goal of ensuring the public that the company’s priority is enhancing their lives.

The Mission

“A sole mission to provide quality and affordable healthcare.”
We are steadfast in our mission to provide people with high-quality and affordable pharmaceutical, health, food, and beauty-related products.

The Vision

“Creating better lives through quality health product.”
We are guided by our vision to improve lives through quality health products.

Our Role

Our main role is to promote good health programs on the use of general medicine and health products. Furthermore, we at DLI want to be good leaders in the field of manufacturing and marketing fostering the best generic and health products in the industry.

Our Services

Toll Manufacturing

In Toll Manufacturing, we offer different services including product development, available products for Certificate of Listing for Identical Products (CLIDP), blisters/strip packing, and product compounding.

Product Development

As DLI offers its door for clients, partners, and traders to have their products developed through us, we can ensure you that the extent of our R&D, QC, and Production in terms of developing your future products are wide as we offer:

  • Product Formulation
  • Trial Production
  • Assay Testing
  • Batch Production

Certificate of Listing for Identical Product (CLIDP)

For available products for CLIDP, we can offer out existing CPRs (Mother CPR) as CLIDP (Baby CPRs) to our future clients and partners.

The Making of Our Diamonds

We believe that when you are at your our healthiest, you can live your life to the fullest. That is why at Diamond Laboratories Incorporated we are passionate in delivering our commitment to develop a diversified product portfolio of only our best branded and generic pharmaceuticals, herbal supplements and lifestyle essentials that will protect and care for your health.

Just as coal undergoes heat and pressure before diamonds reach their full brilliance and potential, so does every product that comes from Diamond Laboratories. Our reputation for product excellence and reliability comes from how we do things. Starting from selecting only the best materials and following strict standards and procedures to achieve the best outcome.

Continuous process improvement and monitoring are an integral to Diamond Laboratories in safeguarding the quality, safety and efficacy at every stage of development. This includes ensuring we only source the best raw materials, conduct quality inspections during receiving of materials, storage, testing and releasing to production. There are in-process quality control checks before finished goods are approved and released as commercial stocks to market and until it safely reaches the comforts of our consumers’ homes.

The People Behind

Behind the company’s success. is a team of values-driven professionals dedicated to safeguard the quality, safety and efficacy of each Diamond product.

We employ highly skilled workers and enable them to reach their full potential by helping improve their personal and professional growth through mentorship and participating in trainings and seminars from reputable agencies and private institutions such as the International Society of Pharmaceutical Engineers (ISPE), Department of Health (DOH) and the Philippine Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

We are able to achieve expertise in all levels of the pharmaceutical value chain, by having in place trained workforce to implement strict Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) and SOPs . In doing so, we are able to create manufacturing and supply chain innovations and achieve operation excellence in delivering quality, safe and affordable pharmaceutical and wellness products that will create better lives for Filipinos.

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