Herbal Slimming Tea for Men


  • Trial Pack x 5′s
  • Box of 20 sachets
  • Can of 30 teabags


Safe, all-natural Gang Xian herbal tea beverage for men, long revered in Asia as a health tonic uses only premium grade Chinese herbs. It is effective in maintaining the harmony and balance in the body, keeping it in good health and in great shape. It optimizes the body’s ability to lose unwanted fats and flush out toxins and bad cholesterol without causing any side effects.

Men’s unhealthy diets cause the blockage of arteries, high blood pressure and increased risk for hypertension. Gang Xian’s combined ingredients like Chrysanthemum leaves which have anti-hypersensitive benefits act on the peripheral vessels and relieves hypersensitive symptoms, and Cassia Obstusifolia L., a laxative which contains active substances to lower plasma cholesterol and prevents the formulation of Atherosclerosis plaque in the arterial wall. Its pleasant, soothing and delicate taste makes Gang Xian the perennial favorite among health and tea aficionados worldwide.


  • Cassia
  • Wulong Tea
  • To Tea
  • Ku Ting Tea
  • Folium Nelumbinis
  • Chrysanthemum Leaves


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